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Terms and Conditions
  1. Certain words used throughout the Guard Gas terms and conditions have the following meanings:

    • us / we shall mean Guard Gas Plumbers
    • you shall mean you / the customer i.e. the person or people or organisation for whom we agree to carry / install / service / supply materials etc
    • Our representative shall be the person we send to the address to carry out the work

  2. There is a minimum 1 hour charge for maintenance work (thereafter we charge at half-hourly intervals). The final charge to you includes the hourly charge, plus materials and VAT at the current rate. Collection for local merchants is charged at £40 and for longer journeys there is a minimum 1 hour charge.

  3. Payment for any work carried out must be paid in all cases immediately to our representative after completion of the work. Under no circumstances will we provide our suppliers itemised bill.

  4. Our estimates for fixed price work, usually include parts, labour and parking unless otherwise stated. Extra piping used will attract an additional charge of £50 - £70 per metre (minimum) on installation or maintenance contract without agreement or your signature.

  5. We will not be liable / responsible for any delay in work due to late delivery of materials or due to rain, snow, traffic delays, problems finding parking etc.

  6. While we carry out work for you, it is your responsibility to protect your household and possessions and your are responsible for moving your possessions out of the way so that we / our representative can carry out the work in a safe environment.

  7. You are responsible for protecting any materials or tools left by us on site at your address. We will not be responsible for any damage, loss or theft, neither will be responsible for any damage to your property or possessions if we need to move anything in your house such as lights, tables, chairs, sofas etc.

  8. If you ask us to attend your property to carry out some work and you are not there, we will charge you a minimum 1 hour rate.

  9. Canceling any agreed work must be done at least 7 days prior to the agreed start date, otherwise charges will apply.

  10. We will not be responsible / liable for any defective materials or parts bought either by us or supplied by you.

  11. We will not be liable for any cost involved if you use defective materials supplied by third party builders / tradesmen.

  12. If you agree to use us to carry out any work, you have excepted out terms and conditions.

  13. By calling us or using our website, you agree to accept our terms and conditions.

  14. We reserve the right to cancel / withdraw any agreement at any time without any prior notice in the case of unpaid bills, delayed payment or disputes. We will not be responsible for any damaged / payment / waist etc